Our Ergonomists





PhD (Ergonomics) Rhodes University – Ongoing/ MSc (Ergonomics and Exercise) UCT 2015/ BSc (Physiotherapy) UCT 1998/Member of the Health Professions Council and Ergonomics Society of South Africa.

CS Body Health cc was created in 2009 by Cecily Schmidt, a registered physiotherapist since 1998 and a certified professional ergonomist (CPE).  Through various post-graduate courses she specialised in musculoskeletal, respiratory and chronic pain disorders during her 8 years overseas working in the UK and Australia.

She has subsequently been specialising in ergonomics since 2010, completing a masters through research at the University of Cape Town in 2015 (ergonomics and exercise in office workers with postural neck pain) and is currently working on her PhD through Rhodes University (how system changes and changes to safety climate influence the effectiveness of a manual handling training programme in warehousing and its effects on work related musculoskeletal disorders and productivity).



MSc (Human Kinetics and Ergonomics) Rhodes University 2020/Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE – In Training).  Member of the Ergonomics Society of South Africa.

Jason is passionate about understanding and improving human performance in any context. His masters research focused on understanding human error within an organization in combination with identifying barriers which limit employee performance and safety.

Additionally, Jason has experience as a personal trainer focusing on harnessing or improving client motivation in achieving their goals.

Member of: Saiosh; ESSA and the HPCSA