Our Ergonomists





Cecily Schmidt; Managing Member

  • PhD (Ergonomics) Rhodes University – Ongoing
  • MSc (Ergonomics and Exercise) UCT 2015
  • BSc (Physiotherapy) UCT 1998
  • Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) 17-02
  • Registered Physiotherapist PT0067008

Cecily has been working in ergonomics in South Africa since 2010, building the company and establishing long term working relationships with companies such as SAB-InBev, Coca Cola, Tiger Brands, PremierFMCG, Robertson & Caine, Imperial and many more.  She has specialised in manufacturing, warehouse and distribution, LPG, office ergonomics and healthcare industries.  Before that she worked as a musculoskeletal physiotherapy specialist both overseas in the UK and Australia as well as locally in South Africa. 

In addition to her ergonomic risk assessments, Cecily has created:

    1. An accredited online office ergonomics training course for staff working from home.
    2. A research based software programme for computer users that combines:
      • Targeted desk exercises as micro breaks
      • with a self assessment tool for office ergonomics which generates a risk rating with a report and recommendations to assist with ongoing office ergonomics.
    3. Material handling and ergonomics training which include both theory and on the job practical training combined with daily strengthening and stretching exercises for staff to perform.



Jason Card; Ergonomist in Training

  • MSc (Human Kinetics and Ergonomics) Rhodes University 2020
  • Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE – In Training)
  • Member of the Ergonomics Society of South Africa

Jason has been working at CS Body Health since early 2021 after graduating with an MSc in ergonomics.  His work at CS Body Health has been focused on manufacturing and office ergonomics particularly within Tiger Brands, PremierFMCG, SAB-InBev, Fair Cape Dairies, Sondor groups as well as the LPG sector and other office areas and head offices.  Jason is passionate about understanding and improving human performance in any context. His masters research focused on understanding human error within an organization in combination with identifying barriers which limit employee performance and safety.

Additionally, Jason has experience as a personal trainer focusing on harnessing or improving client motivation in achieving their goals.

Member of: Saiosh; ESSA and the HPCSA