Keep Fit Software for Computer Users – Ergonomic Computer Assessment and Desk Exercise Software

Do you find yourself sitting for long hours behind a computer each day at work?  It’s quite common for people stuck working for long hours in an office to develop aches and pains.

Imagine working through a stressful deadline without experiencing your usual neck pain or headaches.

Research advises us to keep moving while working to reduce aches and pains and help maintain our general health.

We developed Bodyhealth Software™  for just this reason: to keep you fit and healthy while you work.

Are you a discerning, health conscious buyer? If so, our software is just for you.

Bodyhealth Software™  is supported by a clinical trial that shows that performing office ergonomics and performing neck exercises at intervals throughout the day are both effective in reducing the negative effects of neck pain on your life.  Read More.

Bodyhealth Software™ is intuitive and easy to use.   It will:

  1. Guide you to assess your computer and desk workstation arrangements, helping you determine if your workstation is helping to keep you fit and healthy while you work or if you are at risk for developing aches and pains because of the way you sit and work.
  2. Provide you with 30 second exercises for you to perform at your desk, keeping you moving while working throughout your day.  You have control over how often you exercise and our software also contains targeted exercises for specific health problems.
  3. Easy to use reporting system that will complement your exercise software. This report will provide you with useful, detailed guidance on how to correct your computer workstation to help keep you fit and healthy while you work.  It also contains a tracking system for your exercise programme, tracking your usage on a moment to moment basis helping you to create and achieve your exercise at work goals.

Cost: R748 once off per user licence.

Corporate contracts available over a 3 year period for companies of 150 staff or more.  Installation costs for companies may also apply.  Contact us for a quote.

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