EASI-SLIDE™ Sliding Sheets

Patients who are unconscious or who have reduced mobility are at a high risk of developing pressure sores.  These pressure sores are in turn themselves a high risk for infections in weak and systemically compromised patients.  One way to reduce the risk of pressure sores and associated infections is by turning patients regularly.

Using a sliding sheet helps nurses and carers to turn and move patients easily, relieving pressure areas as well as reducing the friction on skin which can also lead to broken skin and skin infections.


In addition, nurses and carers often suffer from more back pain than workers in manufacturing!

This is not surprising if one considers that the average weight of a human being (65kg plus) is a lot more that the average weight moved by workers in an industrial setting (10-25kg-50kg on average).  In addition, when nurses and carers move people, often the people they are moving are not able to assist, thus they end up moving a ‘dead weight’, so to speak.

Sliding sheets help keep nurses and carers from developing back pain by reducing the effort required to move a patient as well as improving their posture when doing so.  It also has the added benefit of reducing the number of carers required when moving and turning patients.

Sliding Sheet
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After more than 18 months of testing and research in an ICU hospital setting, the EASI-SLIDE™ was created.

Our sliding sheet is proudly made in South Africa from a low-friction fabric which has a certified test certificate issued by the manufacturer who is SABS approved. 

EASI-SLIDE Sliding Sheet (Nappi Code: 242788001)

Cost R830.00 per sheet excluding delivery.   

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International Sliding Sheet Orders:

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Our customers include Mediclinic and Lifehealth Care Hospitals, private caring institutions and private homes.  

Would you like to see how to use our sliding sheets?  Watch the videos below:




Sliding Sheet
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