Corporate Ergonomic Services

Do you have staff sitting for long periods of time behind computers?

Do you have staff performing manual tasks such as lifting/repetitive work occurring in manufacturing/warehouse and distribution?

Do you have staff who drive for long periods of time?

Have you had incidences of back and neck pain amongst your staff or employees?

 Are you concerned that these employees may be affected by poor ergonomics in their environment, affecting their productivity levels, your product integrity and their health?

“Overview of the new office for The Team” by Phil Whitehouse under Licence CC BY 2.0


material handling
“J Sainsbury’s regional distribution centre at Waltham Point” by Nick Saltmarsh under licence CC by 2.0
“A member of the Texas Forest Service moves a batch of MRE (meals ready to eat) in a warehouse in Tyler, TX. The warehouse is being used to handle basic supplies of water and MRE (meals ready to eat) for distribution to residents affected by Hurricane Gustav” by Patsy Lynch/FEMA in Public Domain


We can assist you in any of the following ways:

  •  Run an information booth regarding ergonomics during your wellness week.
  • Perform office ergonomics for your office staff i.e. assessing the way your staff sit at/interact with their computer and perform computer related job tasks.  We will correct their ergonomics as far as possible on the day, provide a report for further improvements necessary once certain assistive devices are obtained (e.g. footrest, laptop stands, document holders etc.) as well as provide a risk rating for each person assessed that indicates the likelihood that their computer workstation setup will lead them to developing aches and pains.
  • Train certain members of your staff to assist in the office ergonomics of others.
  • Provide ergonomic assessment and desk exercise software for office workers.  This software will guide office workers to perform their own computer ergonomics and provides them with exercises to perform at their desk.  The desk exercises will help to create micro breaks for office workers, which help to reduce mental fatigue common to this demographic as well as helping to reduce the negative effects of sustained postures and repetitive movements (esp mouse use) that office workers are exposed to and which result in injuries.
  • Perform ergonomic risk assessments including a report and recommendations for areas of ergonomic concern in your business.
  • Facilitate participative ergonomics within your company to help assess and reduce the risks associated with manual tasks.  This approach sees us working together with management, facilities and engineering, health & safety or risk management as well as on the ground workers to identify, assess and address the ergonomic risks in your company.
  • Provide ergonomics training (material handling training, driver ergonomics training, mental fatigue practical tools, stress management training) for staff who perform heavy lifting/repetitive tasks/monotonous tasks and work in stressful environments.  Staff are trained in groups and the training occurs for 2 hours on average.  The training is followed by a report, covering training feedback, on the job ergonomic assessment feedback (esp. regarding difficult job tasks that employees struggle with) and any suggestions for improvements.





What Our Clients Have to Say:

“Cecily Schmidt participated in the Johnson & Johnson Cape Town Safety Week presentation during November 2015. She was equally proficient in  covering both office as well as factory ergonomics. She was able to please and educate the crowd across age groups, and at the same time keep the attention of artisans, operators, packers, and office workers. Thank you for a job well done.” – Debbie Flandorp, Quality Assurance Manager, Johnson and Johnson.  

“I went to see Cecily Schmidt with severe lower back pain. After a few sessions, Cecily had eased the pain, but what really impressed me was that she took it way beyond that. When she found out I spent long hours working at a computer, she came to my office to see what that meant for me in terms of my body: how I sat, the position of my hands relative to my keyboard and my body, and the height of my chair and my screen. She recommended some fairly simple changes – but these simple changes have made an incredible difference not only physically, to the health and strength of my back, but also mentally: I find I am more alert for longer.

In one of our sessions Cecily made the wry comment that in many cases she thinks she takes the health of her patients more seriously than they do, and this struck home, which is why I was determined to implement the changes she advocated. The difference was so profound that I subsequently asked Cecily to come in and evaluate the workstations of my entire team, which she did. The results have been equally extraordinary.

Her suggestions have made a great difference to the productivity and general wellbeing of my team, and I would highly recommend that any team that is as computer-bound as ours is make use of her excellent service”. SUZY BROKENSHA, Editor, FAIRLADY,

“Cecily- the feedback has been AWESOME! The staff were really impressed with the not only the level of service but all the expertise which you and your colleagues provided and as such would love to welcome you back to our next day which will take place in May 2011”.  Zita Marinus| HR: Employee Lifecycle Teambrandhouse

“Cecily Schmidt has been providing a physiotherapy service at our company for the past 6 months, which incorporates workstation assessments and various other techniques that has been a huge benefit to our staff.  She also uses the opportunity to educate employees regarding proper posture when carrying out their tasks and we have had very positive feedback.  I would definitely recommend the service, which is also affordable and ultimately impacts positively on productivity and absenteeism”.  Venita Henkel, Occupational Health Practitioner, Edcon

“Cecily Schmidt under the banner of CS Bodyhealth has conducted industrial hygiene surveys (ergonomics), employee workstation training and took part in BP Health week programmes.  Her services reflect high quality outcomes and extreme professionalism that is accompanied by scientific data analyses.  I hereby would recommend CS Bodyhealth for challenges that are related to industrial hygiene (ergonomics and physiotherapy services)”.  GERT CHERRO MATSHOGE, BP Wellness Coastal